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South View Solar Farm FAQ

What is a community solar farm?

A community solar farm is a collection of solar panels that produce electricity for a group of individuals or businesses. Each member receives a pro-rata share of the electricity produced by the solar farm in order to displace electricity produced by other non-renewable sources.

How big is a solar farm?

Jo-Carroll Energy’s solar farm will be approximately 100-kW.

How much electricity will it produce?

The average electrical output will be approximately 170,000 kWh per year.

What does it cost to invest in a community solar farm?

The cost for allocated production credits is $890 per panel.  The Solar Farm will consist of 460 panels in total.  Each panel is 275-watts.

What do I get if I invest in the project?

A member who invests in the project purchases the capacity credits and is entitled to a portion of the kWh credits each month based on actual output.  The credits will be dispersed as bill credits on the member’s monthly bill.

How many capacity credits can a member purchase?

Each block of capacity will be sold in 275-watt increments.  The maximum capacity a member may purchase will be based on the average annual use for a particular service location.

How long will I get energy credits from the farm?

The term of the agreement is 20 years from the in-service date of the solar farm, based on the expected useful life of the array. Should the array continue to efficiently produce energy after 20 years, subscribers will be eligible to continue receiving energy credits.

What happens to my share of the electricity if I move?

You can transfer ownership to your new location within the Jo-Carroll Energy Service Territory, transfer the capacity credits to another Jo-Carroll member’s electric account or Jo-Carroll Energy will purchase your credits back at a discounted rate.

Who maintains the solar farm?

Jo-Carroll Energy will maintain the solar farm.

When will the solar farm be built?

The solar farm will begin construction once an initial round of marketing is completed.  We anticipate the online date will be in December 2014. 

Where will the solar farm be built?

The first phase of the project will be constructed at the Jo-Carroll Energy Headquarters in Elizabeth.

What if it sells out right away? Will you build more so I can invest?

Jo-Carroll Energy will consider building additional community solar farms if there is adequate interest from the membership.

What is the calculated pay-back for my investment?

The project was designed to provide payback in 20 years.

Will this make my rates go up (non-subscriber)?

The solar farm will not cause a rate increase for members who do not wish to participate.  The project was designed so there would be no cross subsidization of rates.

Do I get a tax credit for this?

The Solar Farm will receive tax credits and they are included in the capacity purchase price.

I can’t afford the $890 up front, can I make payments?

In order to ensure no cross subsidization of costs associated with this project we cannot accept payments.

Download a copy of the FAQs.

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