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New Service Construction

For new service (new construction) requests, you need to complete the electric and natural gas service application. Please refer to our Electric Service Manual for electric service requirements and guidelines. 

For all new electric or natural gas service requests - at a location where there has never been a service - you will need the following information (download our helpful New Service Construction Checklist):

  • Account name
  • Billing address
  • Home phone
  • Work phone
  • Cell phone
  • Electrician name and telephone number
  • 911 address of new service including city
  • Lot number if in a subdivision or legal description if not in a subdivision or on a city lot
  • Subdivision name
  • Service size
  • Construction start date

Meter socket must be installed prior to Jo-Carroll Energy's construction of service. The meter socket must be installed and wired to the National Electric Code. Please see sections ‘Procedures to Obtain Electric Service’ and ‘Metering’ in the Jo-Carroll Energy (JCE) Service Manual for general guidelines.  Members must consult the JCE Staking Department to pre-approve any/all service locations and metering equipment, including upgrades/changes to existing services.

As a general practice, JCE will consider regional utility-approved equipment (i.e. Alliant, Com-Ed, Ameren) as this metering equipment is typically available at local distributors and generally meets JCE minimum specifications. 

Click here for the JCE Wiring Statement/Certificate of Electric Inspection. Please return to Jo-Carroll Energy, ATTN: Ops Department, PO Box 390, Elizabeth, IL 61028

Line extension costs

$600 minimum hookup, plus:

$7/foot - 0-500' $6/foot - 501-1000' $5/foot - >1000'
  • Same price for overhead or underground service
  • If underground, the member is responsible for the trench
  • Additional fee for winter construction

Payment options

  • Full payment prior to construction
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or e-check
  • Construction loan verification from lender is required when payment is made from the construction loan


  • When NOT in a subdivision, you must provide the legal description of the property
  • Will follow nonemergency vegetation management policy
  • Must be signed and dated by member in notary presence
  • Must be completed and returned before construction
  • The original will be sent to the respective courthouse for recording

Member responsibilities

  • Line extension payment
  • Trench
  • Right-of-way clearing
  • Backfilling and restoration
  • Road crossings
  • Installation of Jo-Carroll Energy approved meter socket.
  • Legal description of property if easement is needed
  • Membership application
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