Demand Response

Demand Response is a program to help electric supply and demand. It involves techniques such as interrupting water heaters for a short period of time.

The demand response program is a strategy utilized by one of our wholesale power providers, Dairyland Power Cooperative, to automatically shift electricity use and reduce demand.

By controlling electric loads during peak times, our supplier can avoid purchasing power on the open market which is considerably more expensive during demand periods. As part of the program, a load management receiver is installed on eligible electric appliances. During times of high electricity demand or when the price to purchase electricity is high, Dairyland initiates a load control event. The receiver automatically responds by curtailing electricity to the connected appliance for a time.

Load control events are designed to achieve the benefits of demand reduction and energy shifting, while balancing the impact to household comfort and convenience. Event duration and frequency varies according to the capabilities of each enrolled appliance. Many households do not notice when a load control event is taking place, especially those members who are already taking a conservation-minded approach to energy use.



Commercial- Industrial- Agricultural Load Control Status:


Residential Load Control Status:



Water heating

There are two classifications of water heater control for Jo-Carroll Energy members.

Residential: Water heaters can be controlled at any time with the maximum control period not to exceed six hours in duration during any 10-hour period.

Dairy: Water heaters can be controlled up to six hours as required.

If Dairyland Power determines that emergency conditions exist, control times can exceed the six-hour duration.

Participation in the program requires a control switch (but not a separate meter) that the co-op will install. Qualifying accounts that use 200 kWh or more per month will receive a $6 per month bill credit.

Please note that this program is only available to members in the portion of our service territory where Dairyland is our electric provider.