The Energy Detective

Wondering if your house has hidden energy leaks? Will more insulation help you save? What about lighting options?

If you have these questions, you could be spending more on energy than you should, and we're here to help! Make an appointment with Jo-Carroll Energy's Energy Detective to help you investigate savings.

A drafty house, rooms that are too hot or too cold and the resulting high energy bills are common issues for homeowners. Before you make that big investment in a new heating or air conditioning system, buy replacement windows or add insulation.  Our energy advisor John Scott (The Energy Detective) can perform a free home assessment or audit to sleuth out energy leaks and provide you with recommendations. The Energy Detective can provide residential members with a whole house, free energy analysis or a whole house energy audit.

Jo-Carroll Energy also now offers a residential energy efficiency loan program, available to members who own an existing home that is their primary residence and is served by the cooperative with electricity or natural gas.

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