Privacy Policy

an Illinois Not-For-Profit Cooperative Corporation

In order to protect the privacy and security of our members and other customers, Jo-Carroll Energy, Inc. (NFP), hereinafter “Jo-Carroll Energy,” assures that any information collected and maintained by Jo-Carroll Energy will be governed by the following:

Jo-Carroll Energy will collect and use information about Members or other customers solely for core business purposes.

Jo-Carroll Energy will be lawful and fair to the Members and other customers whose data it is storing and will retain only what it needs to maintain its relationship with its Members and other customers. This means it will not disclose information for an unrelated purpose without the consent of the Member or other customer or as required by authority of law.

Jo-Carroll Energy will strive for data quality. Its ability to successfully implement its business is dependent on maintaining accurate information. It will strive to keep information it holds about Members and other customers as accurate as it is able.

Jo-Carroll Energy will be open about how it uses data.

It will not trade or sell Member or other customer personal data to third parties.

For more information about our privacy protection practices, contact: Jo-Carroll Energy, Inc. (NFP) at 800-858-5522.