Let your voice be heard

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Together, let us discuss cooperative principles, procedure and general issues that are important to us and the communities we serve. 

Would you like to learn more about your co-op and how it operates? Would you like to make a difference in your community?

If so, then you may be interested in serving on Jo-Carroll Energy's Member Advisory Council. The Member Advisory Council (MAC) is a grassroots effort to educate Jo-Carroll Energy members about the cooperative, cooperative values and our core businesses. At the meetings, we'll keep council members informed about all aspects of the cooperative, and in turn, we hope they will share any concerns and information from their communities.

Council openings still available

Openings are still available on the council. Members interested in serving should call Jo-Carroll Energy at 800-858-5522. You may 

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When full, the council will consist of approximately 40-50 members with two to three memberships representing each of the cooperative's 10 districts. Applicants must be members in good standing. Members will serve two-year terms.